Ohio to Boston
Investment interests:
Supply Chain/Logistics

Home base: Boston, MA

Journey: Toledo, OH to Boston, MA

Alissa is an Investment Analyst at One Way Ventures. Her role involves conducting due diligence on prospective investments, managing internal operations, and running FemX Boston, a community for women in early-stage VC and tech in Boston.

Prior to joining One Way, Alissa worked at Airfox/BanQi, a neobank for Brazilians who struggled to gain access to traditional banking systems. As one of the first few hires, she played a key role in scaling the company to over 100 employees with international operations until acquisition. 

Before entering the tech industry, Alissa worked as a policy analyst on human trafficking in the Mayor's Office of Women's Advancement while earning her BA in International Relations with a focus on legal studies. Growing up with limited resources, Alissa learned to be self-reliant and resilient in order to achieve her goals. These experiences gave her a certain risk appetite and taught her self-reliance and grit.