Meet some of our immigrant founders

Exceptional founders from all around the world
Alec Hartman
CEO at Welcome Homes
Alex Babin
Ali Hussain
CEO at Tabs
Ariel Elizarov
CEO at Lazarus
Armin Moradi
CEO at Qashio
Artyom Poghosyan
CEO at Britive
Ashish Kulkarni
CEO at Kebotix
Augustin Ceyrac
CEO at Easyship
Barmak Heshmat
CEO at Brelyon
Benoit Scherrer
CEO at Quantivly
Bertrand Nembot
CEO at Billdr
Charles Miller
CEO at Lynk Global
Clement Cazalot
CEO at Machinery Partner
Daria Shapovalova
CEO at Dressx
Deepak Chhugani
CEO at Nuvocargo
Dhruv Gupta
CEO at Axle
Dmitri Lisitski
CEO at Influ2
Eric Ly
CEO at KarmaCheck
Frida Leibowitz
CEO at Debbie
Ham Serunjogi
CEO at Chipper Cash
Helen Adeosun
CEO at CareAcademy
Henrique Dubugras
CEO at Brex
Igor Ostrovsky
CEO at Koverly
Ivan Crewkov
CEO at AI Buddy
Jackie Wu
CEO at Corvus Robotics
Joe Zhou
CEO at Mana
Joshua Stein
CEO at Impilo Health
Justin Lu
CEO at Ezpapel
Khalil Zahar
CEO at FightCamp
Kirill Bigai
CEO of Preply
Krenar Komoni
CEO at Tive
Luigi La Corte
CEO at Provision
Luis Perez
CEO at Remoov
Maricel Saenz
CEO at Compound Foods
Marina Domracheva
CEO at 3D Predict
Mikhail Kokorich
CEO at Destinus, Former CEO of Momentus
Nadav Bocher
CEO at Greeneye Technology
Nan Hao
CEO at Guiker
Nevin Freeman
CEO at Reserve Rights Token
Peter Ward
CEO at Humanity
Salman Habib
CEO at Burq
Susanne Mitschke
CEO at Citruslabs
Tivan Amour
Former CEO of Tone, acquired by Attentive Mobile
Victor Santos
CEO at Onyx, Co-founder of Airfox, Venture Scout, Advisor, LP at One Way Ventures
Todd Heine
CEO at Legalpad
Vlad Voroninski
CEO at
Vlada Lotkina
Former CEO of ClassTag, acquired by SchoolStatus
Yegor Anchyshkin
CEO at Instock