Investment interests:

Nicole has been an entrepreneur since the fourth grade, where she first discovered her passion for orchestrating plays with her cousins and charging neighbors for admission. Since then, she has founded three startups and spent over 15 years working with and funding early-stage web software companies, which has further ignited her passion for helping grow startups.

Currently, Nicole serves as the Board of Directors at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Prior to that, she was the Chief Investment Strategy Office at Techstars, where she has played a key role in growing the organization from two people to a global powerhouse with 47 programs worldwide, events in over 500+ cities, and a market cap of over $7B with nearly $500M under management. She is an expert in growing global organizations, building startup ecosystems, working with early-stage startups, venture capital, and more.

Nicole sits on several boards, has invested in over 90 companies, and has been recognized by various publications for her contributions to the tech industry. Business Insider named her one of the "Coolest People in New York Tech," while Marie Claire named her one of the "New Guard," and Entrepreneur Magazine called her "One of the 7 Most Powerful Women to Watch."